AB Invoice Customer module 10.1

AB Invoice Customer module 10.1: A add-on module for Customer database in AB Invoicing customers. You will get a warning when invoicing a customer that has reached 75 % of his credit limit. Write notes on customers. Keep notes on customers such as discount, different terms etc. These notes will show up when you fetch the customer for invoicing. Make lists of customers. List can be useful when checking customers for any reason, making a campaign to old customers, or simply to check where your customers live. Print excerpt from the register

Hotel Computer Software Hotel Computer Software for front office and back office hotel operations.
Hotel Computer Software

Hotel Computer Software is a system designed to simplify the booking process and allow you to get on with running your hotel business. You can analyze reservation trends and work towards your future needs. Manage repeat customers & record customers. Track customers and more importantly help keep the repeat customers. You can analyze reservation trends and work towards your future needs. Very useful software for hotel, guest house & motels.

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Cathy`s Caribbean Club 1.0.5: Enjoy the Caribbean and turn a small business in a success in Cathy`s Caribbean
Cathy`s Caribbean Club 1.0.5

customers happy and buy funny upgrades to aid you in your journey through the Caribbean. Maybe you just want to try a race against time in Relax Mode, in which serving customers gives you more time to serve more customers. But beware: losing a customer will cost you a time penalty! How many customers can you serve before time runs out? And if you want something unexpected, try the Crazy Mode, which will give you a different Cathy`s Caribbean Club

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Cooking Up Customers 1.0: Chap 1 of A Marketing Feast Internet Marketing E-Book for Small Business - PDF
Cooking Up Customers 1.0

Customers 1.0 series. Ideal for Small Business Start Ups, Inventors, Software developers, Artists, Musicians. Introduces Customer Targeted Strategic Marketing to help you get and retain the customers you want. Learn and apply Customer Targeted Strategic Marketing to get and retain the customers you want using unique recipe format. Hands-on approach so you can get an understanding and application of the marketing principles immediately in each chapter

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IEBMaker 1.22: IEBMaker build an Internet Explorer bar tailored to your company`s needs.
IEBMaker 1.22

customers. With this executable, your customers can install or uninstall your IE bar onto their systems with ease. IEBMaker is the perfect advertisement tool for your company. It makes easy for your customers to access your on-line resources with just one click and it can also deliver your company`s latest news directly to your customers` browser, keeping them up to date and interested. Your IE Bar will always be visible to your clients whenever

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MemDB Customer Relationship Management 1.0: Manage your customer, prints cheque and envelope, broadcasts email
MemDB Customer Relationship Management 1.0

This program helps you to manage your customer information, prints cheque and envelope to your customers, broadcasts email to your customers. If you need to print a lot of cheques and envelopes, or need to send a lot of emails to your customers, you must try this software. You can customize and save the cheque and envelope setting for your printer, broadcast email to your clients. You can manage your customers easily with this software.

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IPI.HELPDESK 6.05: Improve communication with your web-customers with this handy management tool.

Do you have a web site and customers? Great! IPI.HELPDESK™ will help you to communicate efficiently with your customers through your web site. IPI.HELPDESK™ improves the process of communication with customers, which maximizes the percentage of leads who become your buyers, boosts customer loyalty, and increases the number of repeat sales and sales on recommendation. And you wouldn’t lose customer requests anymore.

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